Types of Jewellers

12 Mar by zeroexposure

Types of Jewellers


Jewellers are people who make or manufacture jewellery. There are many different types of jewellers and they include costume jewellers, handcrafted jewellers, licensed jewellers and antique jewellers. Costume jewellers are those that create custom-made ornaments and accessories for other people. These items are usually limited editions and are designed specifically for the client’s specifications. This kind of jeweller also has a variety of costume jewellery items such as jewelled wrist watches, cuff links, chains, buttons, beads, charms, and etc. Read more info about jewellers visit this website.

Types of Jewellers

Handcrafted jewellers, on the other hand, make jewellery from a variety of raw materials. They are not always jewellers but may have the knowledge required for making jewellery. It is a craft that requires great attention to detail and can be a great hobby or even profession. It involves making one-of-a-kind pieces using metal or wood and sometimes stones. It can be an art form, and some of the most sought-after items in this field are antique jewellery from a bygone age, Celtic wedding rings, and other ethnic and traditional jewelleries. It can be custom-made or bought on the open market.

A jeweller will either create something for a single customer or make a variety of jewelleries for different clients. For example, if a jeweller creates a necklace for a young lady, she may also make a matching chain and pendant for her. If she sells a pendant to an older lady, she might create earrings from vintage stones and a bracelet with intricate designs. Many modern jewellers work in conjunction with their clients to create a unique piece of jewellery from a wide range of precious and non-precious metals and stones, with sometimes gemstones included.

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