Themed Resorts And Luxury Hotels In Bali

16 Jun by zeroexposure

Themed Resorts And Luxury Hotels In Bali

The Istana – Meditation centre in Bali is a temple-like structure that serves as an ashram for its visitors who are here on a spiritual healing retreat. The concept of the ashram was founded by an American fellow called Dr Norman Cousins, who had gone to Bali with the aim of using the island for his own spiritual growth and health. He wanted to create a spiritual retreat center on the island that would be away from the Western medics’ attention and focus on meditation instead. However, it was also necessary to ensure that all visitors were able to participate fully in the spiritual healing programs being offered at the Istana – hence the name. With the support of a number of prominent American and British Yoga teachers, Cousins succeeded in creating a beautiful ashram that can be visited today by people who are here on a yoga retreat.

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When you visit The Istana in Bali, you are taken to this special room where you will be given instructions by an instructor who is very experienced in teaching the art of yoga and meditation. The rooms are beautifully furnished with yoga mats and other required equipment that allow you to practice your yoga postures comfortably. The centre offers a library, which contains books on all aspects of Balinese medicine, yoga, and meditation, besides the books, videos, DVD’s and other resources that you can use to benefit from your spiritual retreat. All the materials are kept in an organized and clutter-free library, which allows you to easily access any information that you need while on your journey.

A few years back, this retreat centre was started by a couple who were running a wellness business in Bali and wanted to share their love for the spirituality and health through yoga classes. Now, many tourists and travelers from around the world visit The Istana – and speak openly about their experiences. Tourism has contributed greatly to the development of the Island, both in terms of its beauty and luxury resorts. There are over 250 luxury guest houses, resorts and hotels in Bali, offering some of the finest Bali accommodation options and luxurious spa treatment and relaxation therapies. Tourists from across the globe are now lining up for yoga classes at this center, which is also known as The Healing Palace.

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