The Benefits of Ordering an N95 Mask

30 Apr by zeroexposure

The Benefits of Ordering an N95 Mask

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You probably already know that you need an N95 certification to wear a mask while inside the home. The truth is, a fully certified reusable N95 mask, or an KN 95 mask is the best ways to prevent yourself from breathing in any of the thousands of airborne allergens that can make their way into your air. These harmful allergens can make their way into your air through cracks in your walls, or via small gaps around your windows or doors. Even if you keep your windows closed most of the time, it’s still possible for tiny amounts of airborne pollutants to find their way into your air. A reusable N95 mask and a fully certified reusable Kn 95 mask will keep you safe from nearly all sources of airborne pollution. Order N95 Mask on


Not only will these medical N95 masks keep you safe from dangerous health threats, they can also save you a ton of money at the same time! It might not be cheap to have an air purifier system professionally installed in your home, but once it’s up and running, the operating costs can be completely eliminated. You’ll never have to pay for replacement filters again, and you’ll be able to use just about any type of replacement face paint, too, since a wholesale n95 masks distributor keeps a large stock of a variety of eye-catching paint colors and shades to meet individual needs.


A great deal of research has been done recently on the role that our sense of smell plays in our overall health. The conclusion: almost everyone has levels of certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their blood that are very harmful to their long term health. A common VOC is benzene, which is found in almost all kinds of paints, solvents, and pesticides. While there is no real way to test how smelling your breath is, an N95 pollution mask will help to eliminate some of that volatile organic compound buildup in your nose and throat by removing harmful vapors before they have a chance to dissipate into the air. With its high efficiency, an N95 mask can even help to protect your eyesight. Long term exposure to excessive VOCs has been shown to significantly reduce the eyesight of people exposed to them over prolonged periods of time, so consider using a wholesale N95 mask today to help reduce your risk of eye and skin damage!

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