Technical Translation Services

19 Jan by zeroexposure

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is a form of specialized translation involving the interpretation of technical documents produced by technical authors, or in other words, documents that pertain to technical subject matters or specialized texts that deal with the actual application of technical and scientific information. It is generally acknowledged that most of today’s technical documents are prepared by non-native speakers and it becomes very difficult to interpret these technical documents for the benefit of the non-technical user. The use of technical translators is therefore seen as a feasible solution to technical communication problems. This process is generally incorporated into various software projects that require translation of technical texts in a specialized manner for the benefit of the project’s diverse users.

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A number of technical translations are included in the large set of manuals and instruction guides released by different industries and institutions as a part of their training program. These manuals are primarily meant for the users of the particular products or technologies whose technology has been divulged in the documentation. As such, the technical translations of these manuals aim at not only attaining proficiency level in using the specific product or technology, but also to provide users with a clear understanding of the technicalities and nuances of the respective products. This helps save them time while learning the use of the particular products and ensures that users acquire the knowledge of various features, mechanism and uses of the technology being used. These technical translations help in protecting the interests of the patent holders as well as the companies, organizations and manufacturers who have invested in developing, manufacturing and marketing these different products and technologies.


As such, it can be said that technical translation services can be broadly categorized into two main categories. These categories include machine translation and biological translation services. The machine translation refers to the translation of technical manuals and instruction guides produced by scientists and engineers dealing with different scientific subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology and other similar fields. On the other hand, biological translation services are generally required when a document written by an expert in the field of medicine or biotechnology is translated into another language so as to help people better understand their work and its consequences on the world.

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