Robotic Pool Pump Cleaners Vs Suction Driven Robots

12 Nov by zeroexposure

Robotic Pool Pump Cleaners Vs Suction Driven Robots

Robotic pool cleaners are the new wave in pool cleaning technology. They are much cheaper than their human counterparts, require virtually no maintenance and they work much better. There are two types of robotic cleaners available on the market today, one is the suction-drive robotic cleaner and the other is the robotic pool pump cleaner. These two different models of robotic cleaners have different advantages and disadvantages, as will be discussed in this article.


Robotic pool cleaners all do the same job but the efficiency of each model largely depends on a number of factors, including the width of the vacuum path and how well they collect debris. Those that do have wide vacuum paths are generally more efficient because they make use of a larger vacuum area. This allows them to clean more debris. The main downside of having a wide vacuum path is that it can make it hard for the cleaner to reach those difficult areas around pool edges, which can lead to damage to the pool itself. In the long run though, these cleaners generally end up saving a lot of money due to not needing to repair pool damage.

The other major difference between suction driven and robotic pool pump cleaners is that the former requires almost zero upkeep while the latter has to be serviced every so often. While this may be true of some models, others are equipped with remote control units and battery backup features. The remote control can be used to operate the unit from anywhere in the house, allowing the operator to be at their best when cleaning the pool. The battery backup feature allows the pool pump to operate in low or high energy conditions. It is important to note that even the most energy efficient robotic cleaners are still not able to pick up large debris. The suction driven cleaners do just that, with a higher speed and a more powerful motor.

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