5 May by zeroexposure

What Are the Different Types of Computer Technicians?

Click here to contact Computer technicians to help computer owners by repairing, maintaining, upgrading and designing computer hardware and software. Computer technicians also help maintain the computer network by adding, removing and configuring network hardware and software devices. Computer technicians use their knowledge to resolve problems and to perform maintenance duties. They should be certified by the American Computer Users Association (ACUV).

Where Is The Best Computer Technicians?

There are three main types of computer technicians, service techs, troubleshooters and consultants. Service technicians are generalists who can perform a variety of computer repair tasks. They usually install a variety of hardware and software devices, and design networks for business, school, and personal use. A good technician will be familiar with most types of computers and be able to resolve most minor problems quickly and efficiently. Service technicians must be licensed by the ACUV and also possess a certificate of completion from an approved training program.

Troubleshooters are computer technicians who are specialized in resolving operational problems of computers. They identify problems using a specific, detailed process and may access the hardware or software and determine the problem. Sometimes they have to replace parts or repair damaged hardware to correct the problem. Consultants provide specialized training and knowledge about particular computer brands. They evaluate computer systems and recommend maintenance, upgrading or recovery procedures.