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21 Jan by zeroexposure

Press Release Examples – Perfect Example For a New Event

Event Press Release Examples – An event press release is an easy method to tell people about an event. It’s a short statement about the event made available to all news sources by the organizer. It usually follows the same pattern as a traditional press release. An event press release, however, should include all details of the event, including who’s organizing the event, what the event is about, when, and where it is being held.

Press Release Examples – Perfect Example For a New Event

Most often, event press releases are sent to local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations. The goal of sending out one is to get press coverage for your event. There are many ways to do this. You can go to the local newspaper or television station and ask them to run a story on your event; you can contact them on their radio station or website and ask them to mention your event (with a brief bio on your organizer), or you can just send out a news release to the media with your event details. Event press releases are also good to post on your own personal website if you want to get more eyes onto your event.

So what’s the perfect example of a press release? The perfect example would be your product launching, for example. This is a well-known event that has already happened – there’s no need to create another event. If you have an existing product, you could include a brief history of it in the back of your news release, or you could talk about its new features. In this case, it’s best to stick to the facts.