Day: May 3, 2021

3 May by zeroexposure

How to Protect Your Rights During Random Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work

If you’re a North Carolina resident then it’s critical that you know and understand your rights and obligations under the law as it pertains to drug testing. You should always consult with your labor attorney, if you have one and not sign or agree to any drug testing procedures until you are completely satisfied that such drug testing is proper and consistent under the circumstances. If you were arrested or charged with a DUI in North Carolina, then most likely a drug testing procedure will be conducted as part of the DUI investigation. In many cases, the testing is a ‘custody test’ which means that the police officer will request that you submit to a drug screen or oral fluid intake before they can decide if you have had enough drinking alcohol to drive.

Drug Testing at the Work Place

As well as DOT random drug testing Charlotte NC also offer DOT Breath Alcohol Testing, DOT coordinator training, DOT supervisor education and DOT drug education. As an employer supervised by DOT you’re subject to random, unannounced drug & alcohol checks. If you’ve been accused or charged with a drunk driving offense then it’s imperative that you seek consultation with a Charlotte drug attorney who specializes in the defense of DUI cases. Your rights and the rights of others are protected by no fault laws and the procedures followed by the state DMV will be governed by state and local regulations.

You don’t need to worry about the fact that you may be subjected to random drug and alcohol tests during your job interview. If you’ve been informed that your performance in a particular area has been adversely affected because of your legal or medical history of substance abuse then it’s highly likely that your prospective employer will conduct a routine background check prior to offering you a job position. If they discover that you have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism then it’s likely that your prospective employer will refuse to grant you a job offer or give you some kind of firing violation penalty. The penalties for being convicted of DUI and DWI aren’t just monetary, they can negatively impact your ability to ever rent or buy a home and in many cases deny you the right to hold down a job. If you’ve been accused of any of these charges and believe that you were unfairly targeted because of your legal or medical history of substance abuse then you should immediately contact a Charlotte criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable in defending clients who were arrested for DUI or DWI.